Bowdon preparing for launch of new NEC4 suite of contracts

NEC today announced the forthcoming publication of the 4th edition of NEC contracts, to be known as NEC4.  Publication is expected in June and Bowdon Consulting is already preparing for this development.  You can be sure that all of our training courses will reflect the new documents and that we will be ready to advise on all contractual issues.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the jargon below, we can explain everything!

Initial impressions of these changes are favourable, updating the suite that dates back to 2005 and also reflecting the needs of users.  The treated acceptance of programmes is of particular interest to us.

The headlines for the new suite include;

  • A new DBFO Contract
  • A new Alliance Contract
  • Contractor’s Proposals to identify opportunities for improved outcomes
  • Defined Cost now in TSC, PSC & SC in the same way as the ECC
  • New D&B secondary option for the ECC & ECS
  • Finality of assessments at the end of the contract
  • New clauses for undertakings to Others
  • New provisions for BIM & ECI
  • Provisions for quality management, bribery, corruption, assignment, confidentiality and publicity
  • New terminology.  Gone are Works Information and Risk Register (hurrah), replaced by Scope and Early Warning Register
  • Treated acceptance of the programme in the event that the Project Manager doesn’t respond.

 Please get in touch with us on 0161 941 2722 to discuss any of these changes and to reserve dates for NEC4 training in the summer.