The perfect way to mess up your adjudication submissions…

Mark Entwistle outlines the perfect way to mess up adjudication submissions… Speaking at the annual conference of the Adjudication Society in London, respected adjudicator Mark Entwistle summarised the years of bad submissions that had been made to him on occasions. Speaking primarily as a critic of parties’ conduct, Mark provided some witty observations before concluding his address with the ‘model’ submission;

  • Late service of documents
  • Emails submissions in batches
  • Hard copy files that have burst one in transit and disgorged their contents with other files’ contents
  • Missing appendices
  • No pagination
  • No cross-referencing
  • Incomprehensible text
  • Inclusion of irrelevant documents
  • Uninvited submissions

Adjudicators everywhere can probably identify with all of these traits.