Bowdon director’s Valentine date with South African adjudicators

Bowdon director Patrick Waterhouse will be addressing a meeting of construction adjudicators in South Africa on 14 February.  The event is organised by a joint initiative of the South Africa Institution of Civil Engineering and the Institution of Civil Engineers.  ICE-SA is the Adjudicator Nominating Body for NEC Contracts in South Africa. As a part of its initiative to promote the use of adjudication as an effective and efficient form of dispute resolution, ICE-SA has established detailed rules for admission as well as a comprehensive process for nominations where these are needed. 

Patrick will be speaking on the challenges faced by UK-based construction adjudicators.  Whilst NEC contracts’ usage is increasing in southern Africa, none of the countries where they are used has legislation similar to that in the UK jurisdictions.  Patrick will be explaining the role of adjudicators in the UK and any lessons that can be learned elsewhere.