Keating on NEC3 – long awaited guide now published


Our consultants are often asked to recommend further reading on standard forms of contract.  The increasing prevalence of NEC3 contracts is now matched by the number of texts available to describe its use and construction.

This new text on the NEC3 Engineering and Construction contract provides a welcome legal commentary to the many books already available on this subject.

Written by a team from Keating Chambers, headed by David Thomas QC, this book provides a legal commentary on the ECC and its related contracts the Professional Services Contract and the ECC Subcontract.

The book addresses each clause in the ECC, and many in the related publications.  Each clause is discussed with particular emphasis on interpretation supported by relevant cases.  The few cases on NEC contracts are discussed in some detail.

Whilst the style and layout of this book are clearly aimed at legally-inclined readers it will provide useful advice to those working with the contract and seeking to understand its sometimes difficult language.

This text will no doubt provide an authoritative reference for users of the NEC3 contracts and their professional advisers.  It makes a good partner to other books on the same subject, such as Brian Eggleston’s excellent commentary.


Keating on NEC3

David Thomas QC

Sweet and Maxwell

ISBN 9781847033314

RRP £195