NEC3: A User’s Guide – Jon Broome


As a leading provider of NEC training and advice we are often asked about text books and guides on the contracts.  We are happy to recommend this book, written by a renowned NEC expert.

The NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) has spawned a number of guide books over the 20+ years of its existence.  This book is a re-write of Broome’s 1998 text on the then NEC2 contract.  This is a practical guide based on the author’s own experiences of the contract through his consultancy business.  Those working with NEC3 contracts at  the ‘coalface’ will appreciate this guide.  Whilst the main focus is the ECC, many of the issues under consideration apply equally to other NEC3 contracts.


NEC3: A User’s Guide is published by ICE Publishing.

ISBN 978-0-7277-4109-7

Guide price: £35