Understanding the NEC3 ECC Contract, Kelvin Hughes





Following on from several recent NEC3-related publications, renowned NEC expert kelvin Hughes has published his book on the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC).

Designed to dovetail with the ECC Guidance Notes, this book is aimed at construction professionals working with the ECC.  Hughes’ work as a consultant and his ten years as Secretary of the NEC Users’ Group has equipped him to offer advice on how best to use the contract to the Parties’ advantage.  Practical examples are offered to demonstrate key issues such as activity schedules, programmes etc.

Users of the ECC will benefit from the comprehensive treatment of compensation events, including worked examples.  There is also detailed coverage of the Schedules of Cost Components.

This is a practical book which will help any user of the ECC.  It doesn’t purport to offer a legal analysis or commentary of the contract.  Readers looking for this might wish to consider the recent ‘Keating on NEC3’ by David Thomas QC or Brian Eggleston’s ‘The NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract’.

Hughes has two further books under development covering the NEC3’s Professional Services Contract and Term Service Contract.


Understanding the NEC3 ECC Contract

A Practical Handbook

Kelvin Hughes

ISBN 978-0-415-61496-2